Memphis Showboats Re-Sign LB Anthony Butler & P Brandon Wright

Memphis Showboats Re-Sign LB Anthony Butler & P Brandon Wright

The Memphis Showboats have re-signed two more players, this time bringing back linebacker Anthony Butler, and punter Brandon Wright.

Both of these players are very valuable to the team, so it’s excellent to see them back in Memphis for another USFL season.

LB Anthony Butler

Anthony Butler originally joined the team in 2022, with the Tampa Bay Bandits. He had an outstanding season, posting 50 tackles and an interception as the Bandits fell just short of the postseason.

In 2023, Anthony continued to be a pillar for this defensive unit. He finished the year with 47 tackles, and an interception. Butler played in all ten games, making three starts for the Showboats.

Butler has a lot of quality experience throughout his career. His senior season at Liberty was quite impressive, as he registered 66 tackles, two interceptions, and a sack. Now, Anthony Butler returns to Carnell Lake’s defense for the 2024 USFL season.

P Brandon Wright

One of the USFL’s best punters is back for another season. Brandon Wright has been extremely consistent through two years with the organization.

In the USFL’s inaugural season, Brandon Wright won All-USFL honors for the Tampa Bay Bandits. He averaged 48.4 yards per punt, with a long of 76.

Wright was solid in 2023 for Memphis, averaging 45.5 yards per punt. Twelve of his punts pinned opponents inside the 20 yard line, and his long was once again 76. Being able to retain Brandon Wright for the 2024 USFL season is great news for Todd Haley’s special teams unit.

Final Thoughts

General Manager Dave Razzano has been making quite a few moves in free agency so far. He’s re-signing many key players on expiring contracts, while also looking to lock in free agents for 2024:

OL Matt Burrell
OL Chance Lytle
DE Jeremiah Valoaga
LB Greg Reaves
LB T.J. Neal
S Antonio Fletcher
LS Ryan DiSalvo

After a 5-5 record in 2023, the Memphis Showboats will look to build upon that success in hopes of making a postseason run in 2024.

What are your thoughts on these re-signings for the Memphis Showboats? What are your expectations for Anthony Butler and Brandon Wright in 2024? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. I like that teams in USFL are bringing back contributors that have done well over the years. Anthony Butler and Brandon Wright have done a really nice job and should be back. It helps keep continuity for fans as well as keep the teams competitive and helps players know they are professionals and need to always continue to work their skills as they have a job to do, but they also have teammates. Next week will be Christmas for both the XFL and USFL as NFL cut day looms large (8/29). On that day they should get an idea of their needs and wants. When NFL teams set their practice squads both the XFL and USFL will be ready to sign their own draft picks that did not make an NFL team, the USFL veterans who starred in the USFL, but did not make an NFL team and the NFL hopefuls that did not make the NFL, but who can make a name for themselves in the alt leagues. Paying extra special attention on the quarterbacks. Probably the most important position to get right, though in a team game they all are important. Looking for a another season of talent progression. Game play was excellent last year. One last thing. I love the fact the USFL is sticking to its guns and providing a payroll they feel is affordable. It would great if more fans can be attracted allowing the league to provide a modest bump up in pay. I like that we will have 2 more players on gameday as we bump up to 42. If the league is profitable in 2024, I would love it if for the players that were on the team for 3 years they got a little bonus. I don’t know they can do as much as $5,000, but I think at least a thousand after taxes would be a way to say we appreciate your loyalty. It may not be what other leagues pay, but maybe it reminds the players they are part of something special.

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