Marc Ross & Other XFL Personnel Part Ways With The League

Marc Ross & Other XFL Personnel Part Ways With The League

As the USFL & XFL merger continues to unfold, multiple personnel from within the XFL are parting ways. Marc Ross – XFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations since 2021 – is officially out.

Marc Ross joined the XFL back in 2021, teaming up with Russ Brandon, Doug Whaley, and the XFL’s ownership to serve in football operations. In a way, Marc was serving as Sam Schwartzstein’s replacement.

According to the XFL’s website, Marc’s role included:

“…responsible for all aspects of football operations, including rules and gameplay, logistics and league planning, as well as innovation, data and analytics. He works closely with the executive leadership team to develop the strategic football philosophy, a core component of the league’s vision to bring dynamic football product to the XFL fanbase.”

With the USFL-XFL merger in motion, awaiting approval from the Department of Justice, Marc Ross no longer being with the XFL is major. Ross has also confirmed his departure on X and LinkedIn platforms.

We’ve been hearing whispers surrounding the USFL maintaining more personnel on their side of things, and these recent reports are confirming those speculations. If the rumors are true that Daryl Johnston is taking over as President of Football Operations within this new merged league, it makes sense to see Ross step away.

Other XFL Departures

In addition to Marc Ross, the Houston Roughnecks parted ways with a couple of their sales staff members:

There have been plenty of conversations surrounding what happens with the Houston Roughnecks and Houston Gamblers. A merger clearly can’t feature both teams. Sources have indicated that the Gamblers have a better chance at sticking around, and these early moves could be signs of things to come.

Matt Mallian announced his departure from the XFL this past week as well. He served with the Arlington Renegades as their Director of Communications and Media Relations.

With an imminent USFL-XFL merger on the horizon, keep an eye on personnel between both leagues. As made evident by these recent discoveries, the XFL seems to be losing more staff compared to the USFL so far.

Whatever comes of this merger, expect more news to make itself known sooner than later.

What are your thoughts on Marc Ross departing from the XFL? Who do you want to see stick around in the impending merger? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!