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Manziel banned from CFL… Exploring options in United States

Today the CFL posted on twitter that Johnny Manziel was released from the Montreal Alouettes and banned from signing another contract with any other CFL teams. The reason given was vague saying he “contravened the agreement which made him eligible to play” in the Canadian Football League.

Manziel has since commented on the subject thanking his former teammates and coach, specifically mentioning exploring his options in the United States. I think it’s very doubtful that he lands another gig in the NFL, but that leaves the AAF, AFL and XFL. Due to his past legal issues it seems that it is likely that he lands in the XFL, although in more recent interviews with Oliver Luck it seems the company may have backed off that stance. We’ll need to see what happens in the upcoming months.

Betting odds have started to come out on where Manziel will end up next, with the Alliance being the favorite. According to OddShark, this is what the odds look like at the moment:

AAF -275
XFL +600
AFL or IFL +600
CIF, NAL or AAL +850
NFL +1200

This may be due in part to the fact that it’s being reported that Manziel’s agent also made the following statement saying “Johnny decided to end his contract with the CFL. Johnny did not break any laws or violations, he is just more interested in playing in the AAF and a more “NFL” style of football to better his chances of playing in the NFL”

According to Johnny Football himself, this is not true. But, that is exactly what he would say if it were true…. Only time will tell, and we will probably know more sooner rather than later.