Major League Football (MLFB) Announces the Cities Under Consideration for its 6 Franchises

Major League Football (MLFB) Reg A Offering Secures SEC Qualification Ahead of Planned 2022 Season

LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2022 / Major League Football (OTC PINK:MLFB) announced today that the SEC had qualified its Regulation A offering, effective February 8, 2022. Investors in qualified states may purchase a minimum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) at a purchase price of $.021 per free-trading share. MLFB is a Professional Football League dedicated to the development of players, coaches, trainers and front office personnel to help them advance their career into the top leagues in the sport. Focused on giving fans an open look on what it takes to play at the top level, our television and Social Media platforms will be informative and exciting. Team locations and coaches will be announced in the coming weeks. Player selection will happen in March. The season is anticipated to be launched in May with camp beginning in April.

MLFB has gone through a few iterations, finally arriving at the business model of today. President and CEO since 2017, Frank Murtha reorganized the league and embarked on the mission of building this publicly traded corporation into a premier professional developmental league. “The goal of preparing these players and coaches is paramount to our mission. Giving them the coaching and the ability to showcase their talents will make this league work,” says Murtha.

With this offering, the next step in putting football on the field has begun. Other leagues have come and gone, having budgets that were simply not sustainable. “Starting with league staff, then coaches, and finally the players, we are going to onboard the right people in the right spots. Being fiduciarily responsible and building this league into a sustainable business is my primary objective says Greg Campbell, having recently joined the MLFB team as Chief Financial Officer. “As CFO, it is my job to make sure we deliver value to our shareholders. The only way to do that is to survive. That is clearly our intent.”

JJ Coyne, Executive Vice-President says “By focusing on the developmental aspect of football, we will groom players with the talent to play at the next level. Playing in MLFB will help them continue to improve and be better prepared for the next opportunity to play.” Mike McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Football Operations, is confident that the players will learn and grow quickly. “We have scouted these players and will be inviting athletes that we believe can succeed,” McCarthy says. The MLFB broadcast team will be using different techniques to tell the stories of these players. We will show how the players are coached, focusing position by position over the course of the season. Following them with the challenges they face, and the grind a professional football player endures, we will tell their stories. As MLFB prepares the athlete, our programming will help the fan develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it takes to be a professional football player.

About Major League Football

Major League Football (OTC Symbol MLFB) is a professional Spring Football League dedicated to the development of players, trainers, coaches and staff that need an opportunity to fully demonstrate their talent. For the athletes, our target is to provide them with the best-in-class resources to build and showcase their talents and graduate to the larger stage. The fans will get an unprecedented look at how this development happens. By filling this void, MLFB will augment and support player quality for Professional Football.

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SOURCE: Major League Football, Inc.