Houston Roughnecks Head Coach June Jones to hold Q&A September 5

Major details around upcoming Houston Roughnecks meetup

Last week we announced that the Houston Roughnecks would be holding a fan meet and greet with Head Coach/General Manager Junes Jones. We’re now learning that it’s not just Jones who will be in attendance. It sounds like this event will be hosted by most if not all of the Roughnecks coaching staff.

So, beyond June Jones we’ll be hearing from Randy Mueller, Will Lewis, Blake Beddingfield and many others. We’re told that there will be upwards of 13 to 15 members of the Roughnecks staff in attendance.

If you’re in the Houston area, this is a must attend event. We’ve attended all of the meet and greets in Houston so far, and it’s a great way to learn about the league directly from the league. It makes sense that this event would be larger as a good majority of the leagues staff was in Houston over the past weekend looking at the recent NFL cuts.

The meet and greet takes place September 5th at Pitch 25 (2120 Walker St. Houston, TX) between 6-7:30pm. Get in where you fit in, and make sure to say hi if you see us there!