New York Guardians Edge Out LA Wildcats 17-14

New York Guardians Edge Out LA Wildcats 17-14

Here we are, folks… week 4 of XFL action. Starting out the weekend we have the Los Angeles wildcats coming off a huge won over the DC Defenders traveling up to MetLife to take on the New York Guardians who have struggled to find their offense since their win against the Vipers in week 1.

Getting the start for the Guardians is Luis Perez. that being said, we expect to see a healthy dose of Marquise Williams during the match-up. McGloin is out this week, reportedly to an injury he sustained in the first quarter last week. Both Perez and Williams traded reps throughout practice this week. Any change for the franchise could prove to be a positive change.

New York started off the scoring for the game. Luis Perez, looking sharp, was able to move the ball, but only enough to get his team within field goal range. Early in the game, they held a 3-0 lead.

Los Angeles, not wanting to fall behind this early in the game and looking to continue the momentum from last week moved the ball as well. Josh Johnson, connecting with Jordan Smallwood added 6 on the board for the Wildcats. Coach Moss opted for a 2-point conversion, but were unable to get the point. Halfway through the first, they now had a narrow 6-3 lead.

The Guardians looked very impressive on this drive. Unfortunately for them, they could only get into field goal range and not bring it into the end-zone. From 23 yards McCrane kicked the ball through the uprights, tying the game 6-6.

With Los Angeles back in control, they weren’t able to much on the play. Ultimately, thye were forced to punt back to New York.

Luis Perez once again took the field for The Guardians. The target this time around, McKale McKay putting six-more on the board for New York. With a 12-6 lead, the team decided to go for the 2-pont conversion.

This time with Marquise Williams at the helm he was able to run it in himself to secure the extra-points. The Guardians no held a 14-6 lead. The Guardians held the lead going to end out the half.

The third quarter started out slow for both teams. It wasn’t until about 4 minutes left in the third before the Wildcats possession led to some meaningful plays. It was then that Josh Johnson had made a massive pass to Saeed Blacknall to secure 6 more on the board. Down by 1, the Wildcats opted for a 1-point conversion, ultimately successfully. The game was now tied 14-14.

The Guardians were unable to make anything happen on their drive. But, their defense came out strong. With Josh Johnson and Los Angeles back behind the drivers seat, New York was able to snag an interception, giving them possession once more.

New York took advantage of this latest possession by bringing the ball in field goal territory and McCrane once again secured the 3-points via a successful 47-yarder. The Guardians were once again in the lead 17-14.

The Wildcats came close, but this wasn’t horseshoes or hand grenades. On their last drive they almost were able to get it into field goal position to tie the game, but due to a flag the game was over and the Guardians secured their second win of the season.

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