List of XFL Starting Quarterbacks Reportedly Leaked

List of XFL Starting Quarterbacks Reportedly Leaked

Last week the XFL seemingly leaked their upcoming team names on their online shop. Fast-forward to present, and fans are still waiting on the names and logos. But, it looks like there is another leak to discuss in the meantime.

Earlier today XFL Analyst put out a string of posts on Instagram outlining the list of quarterbacks that will be assigned to each franchise.

XFL analyst goes on to name insider Mike Mitchell as the source of the information, and he genually has a good track record when it comes to these things.

This comes after Director of Quarterback Development Jordan Palmer shared a story on instagram that gave us a glipse into the potential XFL quarterbacks for 2023.

It looks like there was more to the meeting, as now we’re possibly getting a look at who is landing where.

Notably missing from this list if former Philadelphia Stars (USFL) QB Bryan Scott. He was spotted in the intital social story, but does not appear on this list.

There has been no word from the XFL yet on if this list is accruate, but we’ll keep you posted as more information comes out.

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