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League says Vicis helmet delay ‘not an issue’

Earlier today it was being reported that Vicis was low on cash and upcoming shipments may be delayed. Fox Business caught up with league representative who say that this will not impact the XFL.

Vicis is a Seattle-based firm that developed a tech-enhanced helmet popular among NFL players. The New York Times reported Tuesday that Vicis informed its investors in November that it had furloughed its employees and would shut down without an influx of capital. The XFL had contracted the company to manufacture “a few hundred helmets” for delivery before the start of its 2020 season.

“This is not an issue for the XFL,” an XFL spokesperson said in a statement to Fox Business. “All of our players are properly helmeted at our minicamps currently taking place across the U.S.”

It’s still unclear if Vicis will fulfill the order for the league. An unnamed XFL official told the Times that the league is “hoping” the delayed helmet shipment will arrive in time for training camp in early 2020.

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