Lawsuit alleges AAF was originally supposed to be re-booted XFL

Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell wrote today on his Twitter account that a lawsuit has been filed against the Alliance of American Football and Charlie Ebersol by Robert Vanech, who alleges it was his idea to come up with league and that he is entitled to 50% ownership, with many of the ideas he had for the league now being credited to others.

In the lawsuit filing, Rovell reported, the original plan for the AAF to resurrect the XFL name themselves and that there were meetings with Vince McMahon and NBC, along with a $50 million offer to buy the XFL property.  After the meeting, McMahon instead decided to relaunch the league on his own and is currently on track to do that in 2020.

Ebersol, the son of legendary NBC Sports Executive Dick Ebersol, was the director of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary on the XFL, which ended with McMahon and the elder Ebersol sitting to reminisce about the league over dinner and McMahon teasing the idea of doing something football-related in the future.