Kurt Benkert Departs From XFL Opportunity

Kurt Benkert Announces His Departure In XFL Plot Twist

In an interesting turn of events, Kurt Benkert will not be joining the XFL. Earlier today, it was announced that Benkert, along with D’Eriq King, were assigned to XFL teams. Benkert was placed on the Houston Roughnecks, while King was assigned to the DC Defenders.

Just hours later, it has come to our attention that Kurt will not be playing in the XFL. After a long and hard consideration, it seems like Benkert is planning on spending the offseason with his family.

For the last few months, Benkert was rumored to be joining the XFL. He himself hinted at it, but then joined the San Francisco 49ers for a few weeks. After his release from the NFL, the XFL immediately pursued him once again, in hopes of Benkert signing with the Roughnecks. Now, it appears like the QB won’t be joining the league at all.

This leaves Houston with three quarterbacks: Brandon Silvers, Caleb Eleby, and Cole McDonald. As training camp approaches, fans will have to hope that all these players actually sign contracts with their respective teams. In this case, Kurt never signed a contract, and simply decided that the XFL wasn’t the best route for him.

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