USFL MVP KaVontae Turpin Dazzles With Dallas Cowboys

KaVontae Turpin Selected to Participate in the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl

The MVP of the USFL, KaVontae Turpin, made a splash with the New Jersey Generals earlier this year and went on to sign a three-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys. Inking an NFL contract is one thing, but executing on it is a completely different story.

Turpin is proving that leagues like the USFL serve a purpose, and he’s making sure not to miss his opportunity. Due to his success in Dallas KaVontae Turpin has been voted to participate in the 2023 Pro Bowl.

Clearly, this is big news for the USFL, and they wasted no time showing support to their inagural season MVP.

Turpin is just one of many former USFL stars to move onto the NFL. So far during the NFL season 56 USFL players have signed contracts, with 10 of those making an active roster for at least one game.

The USFL is currently working towards season two, which is set to kickoff on April 15th, 2023.

With one season successfully under their belt, they’re now expanding to at least one extra hub. At the time of publication Memphis has officially been announced, but rumors have swirled about Detroit and possibily Philadelphia.

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