June Jones reportedly poaching coaches from CFL's Ticats

June Jones Talks XFL Bankruptcy and Says He Would Return

We’re still not sure if the XFL will return, but more and more it seems that there is a possibility for a 2021 season. That being said, if it does return it has a long road ahead of them. They’ll need to either re-hire old employees or start from scratch.

During the shortened 2020 XFL season, June Jones led the Houston Roughnecks to an un-defeated 5-0 record. In a recent interview with ESPN Honolulu, Coach Jones talks about the XFL Bankruptcy and sale.

He was asked about the rumor that Disney is interested in purchasing the league and said they would be a perfect fit, specifically mentioning the funding they’d be able to provide. He also spoke very highly of Vince McMahon, praising him for paying all staff and refunding season ticket holders prior to bankruptcy.

The big question that’s still on a lot of peoples minds is; Will any of the coaches and players return if the league does? Well, Coach Jones was asked about that and said he’d definitely return to coach the Houston Roughnecks. When asked if Houston would be his top choice or if he’d choose another city if he had the choice and he said he loves the city of Houston.

We will officially know the fate of the XFL come August 3rd, from there it’s going to be a mad dash to the 2021 season. Whichever group (or groups) buys the XFL will need to fill a lot of roles, but it seems their coaching search is down to seven.

You can listen to the full interview below: