Jordan Ta'Amu Confirmed for USFL Draft

Jordan Ta’Amu Confirmed for USFL Draft

Today’s the big day many have been waiting for; the USFL Draft is finally here. Last week we reported that the league did not intend to release the full draft pool, leaving many to rely on players that had announced their contract signing via social media.

One big name that’s been rumored to be in discussions with the USFL is former St. Louis BattleHawks quarterback Jordan Ta’Amu. Since the XFL folded, Ta’Amu has been picked up by a handful of NFL teams, but never securing a fulltime spot. There’s a lot of XFL fans hoping to see him make a return to the league in 2023, but it looks like they may be out of luck.

It’s now been confirmed that Jordan Ta’Amu has signed a contract with the USFL and will be apart of the upcoming draft.

Furthermore, the league announced earlier that the first eight picks will be in Birmingham for the event.

The USFL social media teams have kicked into gear today, and they’ll going to be active all night announcing the picks throughout the draft. You can expect to see at least a few video packages throughout the night, including the unveiling of the first eight picks.

Additionally, The USFL Podcast is set to bring you live coverage of the first night of the event, so you definitely want to tune into that. The live stream starts at 6:30pm ET and will continue until the first night is complete.

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