Is Johnny Manziel holding out for the XFL?

Johnny Manziel in Talks to Return to Fan Controlled Football

Last year Fan Controlled Football held their first season, and surprised many with their new style of football. Going into their inaugural season, they had secured Johnny Manziel, which has played just about everywhere at this point in his career.

He played for the Zappers a total of three games last season, but it seems his FCF days may not be over just yet.

TMZ reports that Johnny Manziel is currently in talks with Fan Controlled Football to make a return to the league this year.

Their sources are confident that he’ll be back this year, but does add that it could only be fore a few games. Additionally, it looks like if Manziel does make a return, it’s not going to be for his former team. In fact, Maziel took to Instagram to share that he’s hoping to join onto Druski’s new FCF team.

Only coming out of retirement for @Druski2Funny and Shoulda Been Athletics.”

It was just earlier this week that the former People’s Champion Wild Aces disbanded, but the league looks to hope to make the replacement team a big draw with a big name.

Fan Controlled Football is set to return April 16th on Twitch, NBC LX and the Peacock TV streaming app. Unlike last year, FCF has new competition in the new USFL which is set to kickoff the same day. The two are different enough and target different markets where we feel they can both survive.

Are you going to be watching Fan Controlled Football this year? Are you happy Johnny Manziel may be making a return? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.