John DeFilippo Shares Details on Potential USFL Hubs in 2023

John DeFilippo Shares Details on Potential USFL Hubs in 2023

It was just yesterday that John DeFilippo was named the new head coach of the New Orleans Breakers. Although he’s new to the role, he’s already out making media appearances.

Coach DeFilippo joined The Football Playbook with Ric Serritella to discuss his new role, and we got a peek in the USFL’s potential plans for 2023.

During the interview Serritella turns the subject the the hub model that the league adopted in 2022. He asks if the USFL plans on using Birmingham as their sole hub in season 2, and DeFilippo gives some good insight to what could be coming down the line.

…there’s eight teams in the league. Two teams will be based in Birmingham, two teams will be based in Memphis, more than likely, and then four teams are going to be in Detroit.”

He lays it out that all four northern teams would be based in Detroit, yet no mention of the home stadium. If it is indeed Detroit, we’d expect Ford Field to be a good candidate.

More interestingly, this is yet another mention of Memphis serving as a hub.

Earlier this week we reported on a rumor that the USFL was planning on relocating and renaming the Tampa Bay Bandits to Memphis under the Showbats name.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire; and it seems like the league is working on something big in the background. As for when the news is made official, we’d expect that there’s probably still some paperwork that needs to be completed before anything is announced.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more on season two of the USFL.

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