J'Mar Smith and Mark Thompson Trade Blows to Kickoff USFL Free Agency

J’Mar Smith and Mark Thompson Trade Blows to Kickoff USFL Free Agency

October 1st kicks off USFL free agency, marking the first time in the modern spring football era that a league has survived long enough to max out the contract obligations.

In the hours leading up to free agency we saw teams make last minute signings. One glaring absence was 2023 Offensive Player of the Year Mark Thompson.

Many were hoping to see signings today, instead we were treated to possibly the best trash talk in spring football history. It stems from a tweet that 2-time USFL Champion J’Mar Smith put out the other day.

Houston Gamblers RB Mark Thompson took this tweet to heart, unloading a slew of tweets throughout the day going after the Birmingham Stallions QB.

As promised, nearly an hour later Thompson kicked off the thread. In which, he throws a good amount of shade at Smith and even eludes to Alex McGough being to real success on the team.

Thompson then goes on to compare states between J’Mar Smith and his QB Kenji Bahar.

J’Mar wasn’t going to take this lightly, coming back with a set of posts of his own. First, he tagged the USFLPA jokingly telling them to get control of Thompson.

He wasn’t done either. Smith went on to update his profile picture and banner on X, displaying Mark Thompson’s mugshot and his Careers highlights.

We’ve seen a good amount of trash talk during the first two USFL seasons, but nothing like this. Currently Thompson is free to join any of the eight USFL teasm for 2024, but you can seemingly count out the Birmingham Stallions.

Birmingham and Houston traded wins in each of the first two seasons, but this rivarly is really starting to take shape. That is, assuming that the Gamblers are able to sway the OPTY to make a return in 2024.

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