Jim Cornette Comments on The Rock Buying the XFL

Jim Cornette Comments on The Rock Buying the XFL

Since the news of the XFL sale has become public there has been a lot of focus on one of the co-owners, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. With his status in Hollywood, his time in the WWE and previous business ventures you can see why.

Jim Cornette, who is not generally known as a positive figure in his industry and is never one to keep his opinion to himself recently chimed in on the recent XFL sale. During episode 343 of the ‘Jim Cornette Experience’ he started off by saying that he initially thought the idea of the XFL was a joke, especially because McMahon was behind the idea. But, after hearing that The Rock had purchased it, he’s fully on board.

“I thought Vince McMahon trying to do the XFL again was crazy, and, why the ****. But now, I think it’s gonna work!”

He went on to say “How cool is The Rock?” in response to the sale. Again, this is coming from a man that rearely has anything nice to say about… well…. anything. He weighed in to say that he thinks that the XFL will get better coverage and more open minds now that the league is under new ownership.

Since we’ve learned of the new owners we’ve seen a lot of personalities from the professional wrestling world give their thoughts on everything. Possibly more than when Vince McMahon first announced he was bringing the XFL back in 2018. If anything, this clip is worth a listen just to hear Jim Cornette say something positive.