Jerimiah Spicer Waived by Los Angeles Wildcats

Jerimiah Spicer Waived by Los Angeles Wildcats

Yesterday we reported that the Wildcats have waived DL, Shawn Oakman. With mini camps wrapping up it seems we have one more cut for the team. Inspiration story, Jerimiah Spicer has reached the end of the road with The Wildcats.

Rumors started to appear online after Spicer had Tweeted that he was so mad that he could shed a tear. It has since been deleted.

The news was made official via showing that Spicer among others had been waived and the team had re-signed Johnny Stanton.

Los Angeles Wildcats Head Coach and General Manager Winston Moss:

“It’s an ugly part of the business. It’s something you don’t ever want to go through. It’s my first time having to do this. The players were very emotional. You get attached to these guys very quickly, it hurts to see them go.

We’re looking to improve our roster at all levels. The cuts being made will help us do that. We are winding down minicamp and we have to be in the best position heading into training camp.

“Jerimiah was a special case. He deserved a shot. We gave him an opportunity. It was unfortunate we had to release him, but we have to do what is best for the Wildcats.”

Born in Skid Row, Los Angeles, Spicer was abandoned by his parents. He was found in a garbage can before being rescued and sent to live in an orphanage. Eventually, Child Protection Services sent Spicer to live with his grandmother, but he quickly found himself back on the street after she unfortunately passed away. Over the next several years, Spicer bounced around between homeless camps, orphanages, two different foster homes, and five different group homes. During this time Spicer had attended eight different high schools.

Throughout all this, Spicer never gave up. He eventually earned a tryout with The Chargers and was drafted in the 5th round of the XFL Draft by the Los Angeles Wildcats. These stories are never easy to write, but I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

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