St. Louis BattleHawks XFL Return Announcement Rumored to be June 1st

It’s Safe to Say the St. Louis BattleHawks Will Return

With the lack of an official announcement regarding the return of the BattleHawks, there has been an air of alarmism regarding the team’s future among a portion of those who are eager to see the second coming of their beloved franchise. While such concern is understandable, with the news that’s come forth in recent months, the odds for the BattleHawks not making a return in 2023 border impossibility.

Here are three reasons why:

1. The Dome has reserved dates for Spring 2023

Clearly interested in seeking future opportunity in what was their strongest market in 2020, news broke out on January 18 that the XFL had made contact with officials at The Dome at America’s Center.

With both sides reportedly open to working with one another, it appears their talks have led to fruition. Reported by Frank Cusumano of NBC 4 KSDK, the Dome has reserved five weekend dates next spring for possible XFL home games in St. Louis. With the league and venue’s former success in putting together a successful product, it seems likely that they would have worked together to seal the deal and make another arrangement.

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2. The BattleHawks name and logo were secured by the XFL

As of May 19, 2022, several trademarks from the prior season came under the ownership of “XFL Properties LLC”. Such trademarks included both the BattleHawks’ primary and secondary logos, alongside the name of the team itself.

The secondary logo features the Arch, the glittering icon of St. Louis’ skyline, with the implication that the team will stay put right where it is. Of course, if the XFL’s securing of the name “St. Louis BattleHawks” somehow wasn’t already satisfactory.

3. It would simply be bad business to leave

At the end of the day, like any business, the XFL is looking to make money, and the more the better. It doesn’t take any business savvy to understand that cutting yourself off from your greatest source of revenue is a bad idea. As aforementioned, that is what St. Louis is to the XFL. In 2020, as the only hosting city in the league without an NFL team, fans in the Gateway City were ecstatic to have a football team of their own. Leading the pack in social media following, attendance and merchandise sales, St. Louis as a market likely made the XFL a pretty penny. It’s hard to see them giving it up.

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