This is The XFL Podcast - Ep. 10: BRUCEEEEEE

Isaac Bruce talks Hall of Fame snub and the XFL

Fox 2 Now St. Louis posted an interview with Isaac Bruce over the weekend. He talks about being disappointed and frustrated that he was left out of the NFL Hall of Fame, and touched on the voting process. He mentioned he will leave it up to God and it will happen if it’s meant to happen.

They brought up Bruce’s offer to coach the St. Louis XFL franchise and noted that he still hasn’t received a call from the XFL. Bruce said it’s a great opportunity for himself in the coaching realm, and also said that it’s great for up and coming players to have a spot to build their career. He said that the XFL coming to St. Louis isn’t just a plus for the league because of their fans, but a plus for the city with the jobs and opportunities it’s going to open up for the locals. You can watch the full video below: