The CFL Officially Cancels Its Season: What This Means for the XFL

Is a Collaboration with the XFL and CFL on the horizon?

According to a letter written by President and CEO of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes, Mario Cecchini, which has since been removed from the Montreal Alouettes website, the CFL has announced that

…exploratory discussions with the owners of the XFL will begin in order to study a potential collaboration in the years to come.”

Cecchini states further “The goal of these preliminary discussions will be to identify opportunities and possible improvements to enrich both our league and its 108 years of experience, and our football.”

Cecchini’s letter, which can be found on the Alouettes website, states that these talks are in the early stages and that these conversations will not be affecting the 2021 CFL season.

XFL Newsroom will stay updated on this collaboration as it develops.


XFL Owner Dany Garcia has now commented on the situation via Twitter.

It seems like this one has legs. Recently there have been a lot of questions around the return of the XFL, so it’s great to hear that this is official.

Dany Garcia and the CFL weren’t the only ones to chime in, the official XFL account has also now made the news official via social media.

What do you think about this partnership. Do you like the idea of the CFL expanding into the US and the XFL moving up-north? Let us know down in the comments or join the conversation on Discord!