Inspirational Jerimiah Spicer receives XFL Draft Invite

Inspirational Jerimiah Spicer receives XFL Draft Invite

Today it looks as the XFL has started sending out another wave of invites to the XFL Draft. One of which is Linebacker Jerimiah Spicer. We spoke with Spicer prior to the Los Angeles Summer Showcase, and that’s when we learned of his inspirational story.

Born in Skid Row, Los Angeles, Spicer was abandoned by his parents. He was found in a garbage can before being rescued and sent to live in an orphanage. Eventually, Child Protection Services sent Spicer to live with his grandmother, but he quickly found himself back on the street after she unfortunately passed away. Over the next several years, Spicer bounced around between homeless camps, orphanages, two different foster homes, and five different group homes. During this time Spicer had attended eight different high schools.

Throughout all of this, Spicer never lost his determination. He has overcame so many obstacles, and now he is one step closer to living his dream.

We had a chance to catch up with Jerimiah as soon as the news broke, and we asked him a little more on the situation.

How does it to finally receive and invite to the XFL Draft?

It’s a Dream Come true I always wanted to get drafted. I wasn’t Drafted to the NFL. I went to the Los Angeles Chargers as a Free agent, so this XFL Draft is Huge for me.

What advice can you give to others that may be going through what you did earlier in life?

Hard work and dedication got me in the draft. Separating myself from Everybody. Being Persistent can take you a long way. Chasing a dream nobody believe in but you when everything fail. You can’t give up cause you’re broke or cause your Girlfriend. You got to want it as bad as you breath.

Of all the 8 franchises, do you have a team or coaching staff you’d most like to work with?

I like the the XFL as a whole I like everything they are doing. Winston Moss and the LA WILDCATS Staff showed me the most love so far. I heard St Louis Head Coach Haynes showed me some love too he said I’m going to make a major impact and he is correct.

You have worked out for the Browns and the Chargers, how would you compare that to your experience with the XFL so far?

The NFL and XFL are the same, just play at Different times of the yr. XFL starts same time as NFL Super bowl so Football never ends. I like the way I’m Treated in both
NFL and XFL.

It’s great to see Spicer get his shot to play in the pros, and we look forward to seeing what he can get done on the field. You can stay up to date with all the latest Draft Invites with our XFL Draft Tracker.