Indianapolis Colts Sign Michigan Panthers WR D.J. Montgomery

Indianapolis Colts Sign Michigan Panthers WR D.J. Montgomery

The Michigan Panthers have sent another player to the NFL. WR D.J. Montgomery has officially signed with the Indianapolis Colts, following a workout he had with the team today.

D.J. Montgomery joined the Michigan Panthers late in the USFL season, providing some depth down the stretch after losing a couple of pieces.

While Montgomery never recorded a reception for the Panthers, he did see some playing time in the playoffs. His lone target in the postseason against Pittsburgh resulted in an impressive catch down the sidelines – but he was ultimately ruled out of bounds.

The NFL is nothing new for D.J. He played for the New York Jets. Now, he’ll have an opportunity to pursue his NFL aspirations with the Indianapolis Colts.

There have been plenty of Michigan Panthers to head to the NFL, including:

QB E.J. Perry (Houston)
RB Stevie Scott (Arizona)
WR Kaden Davis (Arizona)
WR Trey Quinn (Detroit)
DE Breeland Speaks (San Francisco)
DE Levi Bell (Seattle)
LB Frank Ginda (Atlanta)
DB Josh Butler (Dallas)

Montgomery is the 37th USFL player to sign an NFL contract. Had it not been for the platform – and the national exposure – that the USFL provided him with, who knows if this opportunity would have come along.

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  1. Congrats to DJ. Hoping he gets another shot at the field in the NFL. It was smart for him to sign with the USFL. If he doesn’t stick, it would be great for him to come back. In 2022, he was on my list of USFL prospects and in 2023 he signed with them. Another former Jet that is on that list is Denzel Mims. This isn’t to knock him and to say he doesn’t belong in the NFL, hut his clock is running and thus far he has underachieved. He has underperformed and the Jets have given him playing time he hasn’t earned to see what they have. He has NFL size and really knows how to get open, but his game has holes. First, when he came up he would too often (and that is because you never) catch ball against his body. Yes part of his soft hands are because he catches the ball against his body. I have seen this change over the last year or two. Also, he was a NON-existent blocker. This along with him not always being available have made him consistently in the press about whether or not he is a bust. I have seen him try to block down field. He is making a great effort, but he looks uncomfortable and I always expect the flag, because he grabs a lot. Now he is traded from the Jets and cut from the Lions. He likely doesn’t have to play another down, but I think differently. This IS his opportunity, of course if he doesn’t get picked up by another NFL team, to sign with the USFL and learn what he is supposed to do. He is motivated now. He will actually learn what they didn’t press him to learn in high school and college and will be able work those newly learned skills on the next play and quite literally be a star in the USFL on his way to getting back to the NFL. It would not surprise me one bit for him to sign with the Chiefs and become a star. I just don’t know if he would go to the USFL first.

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