How Popular is Each USFL Team Based on Social Media Followers

How Popular is Each USFL Team Based on Social Media Followers

Last month the USFL finally revealed all eight team names during a spotlight feature on The Herd. It would make sense that the big announcement would take place on FS1, as FOX has a financial stake in the new league. At the time of publication, FOX is set to commit at least $150M into the new USFL over the course of its first three seasons.

When we look at the graveyard of past spring football leagues, the main cause of failure was funding and broadcasting. Both of which should be almost guaranteed with the FOX machine behind the product.

With the returning USFL franchises now official, we wanted to take a look and see which ones fans are latching onto the most. Currently, each USFL team has a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Compared to when the USFL last played, social media is one of the best ways to gauge fan interest.

It’s been over a week since the names dropped, let’s see who’s leading the charge so far in the USFL.


  1. Pittsburgh Maulers: 2,747
  2. Michigan Panthers: 2,257
  3. New Orleans Breakers: 1,887
  4. Birmingham Stallions: 1,839
  5. New Jersey Generals: 1,736
  6. Tampa Bay Bandits: 1,716
  7. Houston Gamblers: 1,687
  8. Philadelphia Stars: 1,668


  1. Michigan Panthers: 567
  2. Tampa Bay Bandits: 556
  3. Birmingham Stallions: 552
  4. New Orleans Breakers: 508
  5. Houston Gamblers: 419
  6. Pittsburgh Maulers: 383
  7. New Jersey Generals: 358
  8. Philadelphia Stars: 259


  1. Pittsburgh Maulers: 7,217
  2. Michigan Panthers: 6,709
  3. Philadelphia Stars: 6,031
  4. Houston Gamblers: 5,528
  5. New Orleans Breakers: 5,439
  6. Birmingham Stallions: 4,632
  7. Tampa Bay Bandits: 3,893
  8. New Jersey Generals: 2,565

When we look at all the social media platforms, Twitter is leading the charge when it comes to overall followers, with Facebook performing the worst for the league. Adding up the totals give us a much better look at which teams fans are gravitating to the most.


  1. Pittsburgh Maulers: 10,347
  2. Michigan Panthers: 9,533
  3. Philadelphia Stars: 7,958
  4. New Orleans Breakers: 7,834
  5. Houston Gamblers: 7,634
  6. Birmingham Stallions: 7,023
  7. Tampa Bay Bandits: 6,165
  8. New Jersey Generals: 4,659

Leading the pack for the USFL is the Pittsburgh Maulers, with the New Jersey Generals sitting at the bottom. We’re only a little over a week into knowing the new franchises, but you can bet that these number will change depending on how the teams perform in 2022. As we get closer to the season we may take another look at the totals to see how things shift based on the coaching staffs and players that jump on board.

Which team will you be rooting for during the 2022 USFL relaunch? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. “Pittsburgh Maulers: 10,347”

    Well, isn’t this a surprise. What’s wrong Steelers fans? Can’t handle the fact that your team sucks now? What about that ice hockey team of yours? 8th place in the East (as of this writing)? You give up too easily if you think the Penguins are done for the year! Pirates baseball? Okay, that I can understand. Condors basketball…oh wait, never mind.

    “Michigan Panthers: 9,533”

    We all want the Ford family to f off now, don’t we?

    “Philadelphia Stars: 7,958”

    Hmm…couldn’t support two baseball teams LONG TERM. Granted, Eagles football is bigger than Phillies baseball. Of course, the Eagles suck, the Flyers suck, the 76ers suck, the Phillies will probably choke (again). Good luck to Stars football despite the star being more associated with Dallas than Philadelphia.

    “New Orleans Breakers: 7,834”

    What the!?! This city got trashed by a hurricane again recently and there is still enough people left in that city? Granted Pelicans basketball and the Saints suck, but still…

    “Houston Gamblers: 7,634”

    I thought you were upset with the Texans and Rockets basketball, Houston! Oh, that’s right, you still got Asterisks baseball. Still, you were supportive of Roughneck football awhile back, so I find it surprising that your support isn’t higher than it should be.

    “Birmingham Stallions: 7,023”

    Good lord! You are the only USFL city not to have an NFL team (not to mention a pro baseball, basketball and ice hockey team), and yet, your support is pitiful so far!

    “Tampa Bay Bandits: 6,165”

    Are you that surprised that flaky Tampa Bay is about as supportive of the Bandits as they were of the Vipers? I’m not. Especially with Lightning ice hockey, Devil Rays baseball, and especially Buccaneers football tearing everyone else apart right now!

    “New Jersey Generals: 4,659”

    New Jersey Generals=Henry Rutgers University. Just because you are the largest metro in the United States doesn’t mean you are automatically hardcore towards everything! Especially with Yankees baseball, Nets basketball, and Rangers ice hockey to deal with. And Mets baseball, can’t forget about them, because New Yorkers just love watching an overhyped baseball team become complete LOLCows after the All-Star Game! If this team somehow makes it to New Jersey in 2024, they better not be playing at MetLife Meadowlands!

  2. Birmingham will eventually become the leader. As Joe Namath famously predicted in the days leading up to Super Bowl III, “I guarantee it.”

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