Houston Roughnecks at New York Guardians to Play in Empty Stadium

Houston Roughnecks at New York Guardians to Play in Empty Stadium

Yesterday the league officially announced that this weekends matchup between the Seattle Dragons and Los Angeles Wildcats at CenturyLink would play as scheduled, but with no fans in attendance. Seattle currently leads the nation in coronavirus cases and deaths, followed by New York.

It was expected a similar restriction would be put in place for the New York/New Jersey area. ESPN’s Diana Russini has just announced on Twitter that New Jersey has indeed made a similar announcement, banned events of 250+ people.

The NBA, MLS, NHL and MLB have all suspended their seasons until further notice. Just earlier Dignity Health, home of the Wildcats, has cancelled all events until further notice. At the moment, the XFL is the only major sports organization not to suspend operations. It’s been rumored that the upper-management in the league are meeting today to discuss options with a possible announcement coming this afternoon.

Do you think the XFL will continue to play? If they suspend do you think they’ll finish the season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. Keep it going, with all other pro sports stopped, the XFL will get new viewers. They were already doing better with TV broadcasting numbers then the other pro sports. Now let’s show the rest why the XFL is the best sports on TV this time of year. Keep the season going, no fans in the stands sucks, but not finishing the season already half way through would be worse during a opening season. Keep it going! If you broadcast it, we will watch. More than likely even more so.

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