Houston Gamblers Re-sign Kenji Bahar and Montell Cozart Ahead of USFL Free Agency | Houston Roughnecks UFL Super Draft

Houston Gamblers Re-sign Kenji Bahar and Montell Cozart

Just hours before the USFL heads into free agency, the Houston Gamblers have secured their quarterbacks for season 3. Prior to that, it looked like Houston were going to be without a QB prior to the deadline.

Luckily for Gamblers fans, the franchise went ALL IN on Kenji Bahar and Montell Cozart for 2024.

Bahar has been with the saeon since season 1, and was a huge part of the turn around in season 2. Ultimately he was 4th in the league in passing yards with 1,709, totaling 8 touchdowns. Additionally, he racked up 68 running yards.

Cazart didn’t see nearly as much playing time during the past season, but still secured 49 passing yards as backup.

The USFL is now officially in their first free agency since kicking off in 2022. One notable name that hasn’t signed with Houston yet is Mark Thompson who was among the top MVP candidates in season 2.

Although the USFL/XFL merger is looming, things are business as usual. We may not know what the new league name will be, or how the chips will fall; but teams are still going to go out there to secure as many players as possible for 2024.

If Mark Thompson decised to walk away from the Houston Gamblers where would you like to see him land? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.