Hines Ward Reportedly Out — Wade Phillips Potentially Tapped as Brahmas Head Coach

Hines Ward Out — Wade Phillips Potentially Tapped as Brahmas Head Coach

It’s nearly a new year and many are anxiously waiting for news on the pending merger between the USFL and XFL. Since the two leagues put out a joint statement in September the rumor mill has gone wild. The latest scenario making the rounds would see an 8-team league in 2024, comprised of four USFL teams and four from the XFL.

In regards to locations, there’s a lot of eyes on the Houston market as they’re the only city with two teams.

A new story is making the rounds that could add fuel to the speculation fire. James Larsen reports that San Antonio Brahmas head coach Hines Ward is exiting the new league. Additionally, Houston Roughnecks head coach Wade Phillips could be tapped as his replacement.

This is especially interesting because Hines Ward has been an active coach for the XFL. In fact, he was recently at a fan engagement event for the San Antonio Brahmas talking about his plans for the next season.

Ward had a rough start to his head coaching career, ending the season with a record if 3-7 last year.

Wade Phillips on the otherhand was a fan favorite in Houston, and he had a solid record to match.  Phillips led the Roughnecks to a 7-3 campaign, only to lose out to the Arlington Renegades in the XFL Playoffs.

If Phillips does make the move to San Antonio, it sounds like his coaching staff would move along with him.

This would seem to be an indicator that the Roughnecks branding may not survive the merger, but we’ve heard multiple sceanrios on that front. We would not be surprised if the Houston Roughnecks brand makes the cut in 2024.

In other Houston related news, the new league is almost certainly set on moving to Rice Stadium in 2024. Back in July we reported that the XFL was shopping new locations for the franchise due to renovations at TDECU that would impact the 2024 schedule. The home stadium could have some sway on which moniker the team adopts, but we expect to learn more when the merger news is made official.

It’s always an interesting day in the world of spring football, and we’ll keep you posted as more news develops.

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  1. While I like Hines, he’s not ready to be a HC. He was a name hire to get attention and that didn’t pan out. Meanwhile Wade is also well know and adds some Old School cred and Texas connections, he’s a legit coach that brings credibility.
    Hines as WR coach looking to jump to OC after 2 years – sure. But gotta work your way up to learn. This is the wayyy better direction and legitimizes the league in FB eyes.

    Keep up the reporting PFN!

  2. I hope this a sign that the new league will rebrand the San Antonio franchise into something more marketable. The league needs to recognize that San Antonio has a majority Mexican American population with cultural ties to Mexico. If you want a connection to the former Brahma moniker, name the team the San Antonio Toros.
    Next, choose some appealing team colors. Yellow and black are bumble bee colors which were adopted by a well known Mexican comedian who dressed as a bee. I suggest going with red and black.
    Finally, consider scheduling a game in Mexico, likely Monterrey, to generate interest. It may take a while, but the payoff could be big.
    It’s a great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

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