Gene Chizik Could Still Be Headed To The USFL

Gene Chizik Could Still Be Headed To The USFL

Among the prestigious head coaches whose names were leaked on Twitter, it appears the USFL is interested in hiring Gene Chizik to take the reigns of the Birmingham Stallions for their upcoming season starting this April. As of right now, however, Chizik has not been officially announced, as his contract has not yet been finalized, nor is it actually guaranteed to go through at all, as stated by Chizik himself:

Chizik was not included in the USFL’s announcement on the 6th of January, in which they revealed the head coaches for half of their franchises. The other coaches will be unveiled at a later date, which could very well include Chizik as suggested by sources on Twitter:

Despite the lack of confirmation, let’s see what Birmingham fans could look forward to on their sideline this upcoming season if he’s signed:

Gene Chizik is a long time veteran in coaching college football, renowned for being at the helm of Auburn’s undefeated season in 2010, which ultimately ended in a last second, game winning field goal to edge out the Oregon Ducks in the BCS National Championship Game. Following this marked success, a series of increasingly disappointing seasons led to Auburn releasing Chizik in 2012 and buying out his contract. This led Chizik to become the defensive coordinator of the University of North Carolina in 2015, inheriting a team ranked 120th nationally in defense. By the time Chizik resigned following the 2016 season, citing his desire to spend time with his family, UNC’s defense had distinctly improved to 63rd place nationally.

Asked what might bring him back to coaching in an interview by, Chizik responded: “It would just have to be the perfect fit… I can’t lie — I’m having a blast doing what I’m doing, but I do love ball. I do love the coaching part. And I do feel like I still have a lot of influence coaching young guys.” Whether he considers the Stallions to be the perfect fit has yet to be seen.

UPDATE: Gene Chizik will be heading to UNC.

According to the release from UNC, Chizik will be joining on as a defensive coach, all but confirming Chizik will not be in the USFL this year.

Two-time National Champion Gene Chizik, a 26-year coaching veteran, has been named Carolina’s assistant head coach for defense, and 17-year veteran Charlton Warren is the Tar Heels’ new co-defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach, Head Coach Mack Brown announced on Saturday. The duo returns to Chapel Hill after working together on the defensive staff during the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

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