FOX Promotes Upcoming USFL Season During Daytona 500

FOX Promotes Upcoming USFL Season During Daytona 500

Two weeks ago FOX ran the first USFL promo outside of a football broadcast during NASCAR ‘Clash at the Coliseum’. Many hoped we would get a mention during the Super Bowl, and although that didn’t happen there were some promos shown during the pregame coverage on NBC.

Now that football is over (for the time being), NASCAR is holding one of their largest events of the year; the Daytona 500. With the event broadcasted on FOX, it has been speculated that we may see something USFL related during the big race.

Shortly before the race started, we got exactly that. Although it wasn’t a new promo, we saw the announce crew discuss the upcoming USFL season live on the air.

From there the event has been peppered with the existing USFL promos we’ve seen already, giving the league some major exposure to a new audience.

But, we got another spot. In which we see that FOX is putting more marketing efforts into the USFL during Daytona weekend other than TV spots. This segments shows billboard trucks dreiving around the area promoting the new league and the April 16th kickoff.

But, that wasn’t all. It seems that FOX is prepared to push their new league very heavily during one of NASCAR’s biggest races of the year.


Last week was a big week for the USFL, they came out swinging with many major news releases. We learned about new partnerships, the location of the playoffs and championship game, all eight uniforms were revealed and we learned a whole lot about the upcoming draft.

The inaugural draft is set to take place the 22nd and 23rd, this is where each of the head coaches will start building their rosters for the upcoming season. From there, the league is expected to have a supplemental draft in the weeks after to account for movement in the rosters.

One things for certain, FOX is making sure that as many people know about the new USFL prior to April 16th.

What part of the upcoming USFL season are you looking forward to the most? Have you chosen a favorite USFL team yet? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.