FOX Airs First USFL Promo During Thursday Night Football

FOX Airs First USFL Promo During Thursday Night Football

Back in June we first learned the United States Football League (USFL) would be returning in 2022. When the news first broke there were still a lot of unknown details. That was until last month.

In November the USFL announced their first set of hires. Shortly after that the league revealed all eight team names and logos live on The Herd. We also learned a few more details on the league when this came about.

It was also confirmed that the USFL would kickoff in April 2022, and that it would play out of a central hub. Although it hasn’t been confirmed just yet, all signs point to Birmingham, AL. It seems like we’re just waiting for the league to make it official at this point.

When the discussions first started with reps from Jefferson County and Birmingham, the proposal revealed that the USFL would be splitting the broadcasting between FOX, FS1, NBC and USA. The location hasn’t been made official, but earlier this week the USFL put out a press release detailing their partnership with NBC that would see every game of the season aired across their broadcasting affiliates.

With the news fresh in the air, it looks as if FOX is not taking the gas off the marketing pedal. Shorty before tonight’s Thursday Night Football, John Ourand (Sports Business Journal) reported that he was told that FOX would run it’s first USFL promo tonight during the game.

Well, the game came and Ourand was absolutely correct. Thanks to the USFL, we have a look at the promo that aired early in the matchup.

The ad didn’t give us any new details on the league, but it is nice to see the promotions finally kick into gear.

Well, possibly…. The promo does show an image of the USFL football. Again, this could just be a mockup; so it may not bee exactly what we see on the field in 2022.

We’re roughly four months from kickoff and there’s still a lot to learn. Needless to say, the USFL should be making a lot of announcements over the next month or so before training camp is set to begin in March. So strap in, and enjoy the ride!

As always, we’ll keep you posted on everything that comes through on the upcoming USFL season.

UPDATE: FOX has aired a second promo for the USFL during Sunday’s NFL broadcasts!

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