Former XFL BattleHawk Bruno Reagan Signs Contract With The USFL

Former XFL BattleHawk Bruno Reagan Signs Contract With The USFL

Well, it’s official: Bruno Reagan, a fan-favorite from the XFL, has signed his USFL contract to play with the league during their 2022 season. After teasing the idea for weeks, the former XFL offensive lineman has made the decision to join the draft pool.

Reagan is much more than just an XFL alumni at this point. Over the past couple of months, he has been involved in sharing USFL news/tidbits on his radio show called “The Afternoon Stretch”. Interestingly enough, Reagan has altered his views on the league, as he previously was not planning on playing.

However, since he was an athlete that the league was reaching out to, Reagan was able to provide us with inside information that gave insight into how the league was operating.

Over time, his attitude toward the USFL shifted, and now he plans on playing in the league in a couple of months.

We’re excited to see Bruno back out on the gridiron, and wish him all the best in the USFL in 2022! It should be an exciting season for the new league, and we look forward to watching the debut in April.

Are you excited to see Bruno Reagan in the USFL? Who are some other XFL alumni you’d like to see play? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!