The Latest USFL Trademark News — Which Teams Could Return in 2022?

Former USFL Champion George Gilbert Praises Return of the USFL

The return of the USFL is right around the corner, with the league kicking off in April of next year. Just yesterday FOX released its first set of details since they announced the league would be retuning this past June.

It’s been 36 years since the USFL last hit the field, but many former player still remember the USFL fondly. Former two-time USFL Champion George Gilbert is one of those guys, and he see the positive of having alternative football leagues in the market.

Gilbert joined WETM 18 to discuss his thoughts on the return of the USFL.

He says with recent spring leagues going under like the AAF, the new USFL will provide a shot for many to live their football dream.

There’s hundreds of guys out there looking and just a step away from making an NFL team but there’s just not enough positions for them,” Gilbert said. “With this opportunity coming up with the USFL it’s able to give guys more hope and opportunity to get to that next level.”

Gilbert played in the USFL for the Stars in all three seasons, where he helped secure two championships for his franchise.

The new USFL is set to kickoff next April, and with FOX behind the league this time around they have a great opportunity to stick around for a long time. It’s being reported that FOX is set to invest $150M into the USFL over the first three seasons. With a solid investor and reliable broadcast partner involved they’re already ahead of some of the other spring leagues that were unable to stay in business.

We saw the AAF and the XFL create multiple stars that ended up moving on the the NFL. We expect no difference with the USFL when it hits the field in 2022.

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