Brian Michael Cooper holding another Q&A for XFL Houston

Former Roughnecks President Brian Michael Cooper Talks XFL Sale

Since the news came out that the XFL had been purchased there has been a lot of speculation on if the league would try to retain any of the previous staff. As of now, it doesn’t seem that anyone has been contacted by the new ownership team but that may be due to the deal not being finalized yet.

New co-owner, Dany Garcia has since commented on this and said they would be looking to bring back as many people as possible as they will need to learn on their prior experiences.

One of the guys that a lot of fans would love to see return is former Team President of the un-defeated Houston Roughnecks, Brian Michael Cooper. He recently joined Nate Griffin of Fox 26 to talk about the return of the XFL.

He seemed excited that the league could be making a return and gave some advice on how he feels the new owners should navigate a return during the days of COVID. Cooper also stated that he was not aware that the league would be sold, but is thrilled to hear the news.

This is definitely a must watch for all XFL and Houston Roughnecks fans. We’re hoping to see BMC back in Houston when the team returns to play at TDECU Stadium. You can watch the full interview below: