Former Defenders DC Louie Cioffi Joins Cincinnati Bengals

Former DC Defenders Defensive Coordinator Louie Cioffi Joins Cincinnati Bengals

Since the XFL was forced to shutdown due to COVID-19 last year, we’ve seen a lot of players and coaches move on to new roles. As both the CFL and NFL ramp-up towards their respective 2021 seasons we’ve started seeing more names make the move.

Just now, the Cincinnati Bengals announced the hiring of former DC Defenders defensive coordinator Louie Cioffi as a defensive quality control coach.


Cioffi, who brings 22 years of NFL coaching experience, previously was a Bengals assistant from 1997-2010. His other NFL coaching experience came with the Cleveland Browns (2013 and ’16), Tennessee Titans (’14-15), Arizona Cardinals (’11-12) and New York Jets (1993-94). He also spent time with the Atlanta Legends of the AAF (2019) and DC Defenders of the XFL (’20).

Cioffi started with the DC Defenders as Passing Game Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach, but was promoted when Jeff Fitzgerald resigned from the franchise shortly before the season kicked off.

This is just another name, among many, that we can cross of the list of potential people to return to the XFL. Regardless, it’s always good to see these people get a chance to continue their careers in the meantime. We’ll keep you posted as more former XFL staff make the move to the CFL, NFL or anywhere else for that matter.