Fan Controlled Football Consolation Game Cancelled

Fan Controlled Football Consolation Game Cancelled

This year’s iteration of Spring Football, the highly immersive “Fan Controlled Football,” kicked off its very first set of playoff games on March 13, 2021. Both games, the first between the Beasts and the Glacier Boys and the second between the Zappers and the Wild Aces, were each entertaining in its own right.

The first matchup was a solid, hard fought bout with impressive performances on both sides, the second was practically over before it even started. The Glacier Boys defeated the Beasts in a convincing 38-20 victory and the Wild Aces shocked the Zappers in a humiliating 32-6 rout.

The unfortunate loser of each of these games were supposed to play one more time in a consolation match, but in an unexpected turn of events the league has axed this event and has sent unspecified specialty players home.

Asking FanControlledFootball News (@NewsFCF) if there was anything wrong, they responded:

Asked to elaborate on the situation, it said:

From that information, I believe it’s safe to assume there hasn’t been some sort of unfortunate incident, or else everyone would have gone home. However, a move like this raises questions regarding the league’s financial situation. If the league is properly funded, why would they have to cancel a scheduled game and send players home early?

The silver lining for this situation is that if offensive lineman and defensive players are staying for depth, “The People’s Championship” seems set in stone for next week. This March 20th, the underdog Glacier Boys will meet old adversaries in the Wild Aces in what’s set to be a hard-fought clash for the ultimate prize.

Will you be watching Fan Controlled Football Championship next week? Who are you pulling for, Glacier Boys or Wild Aces? Let us know down in the comments or join the conversation on Discord.