What a Late February Draft Means For The USFL 2022 Timeline

Exclusive Details on the 2023 USFL College Draft

2023 USFL College Draft Coverage and Results

Many have speculated on the upcoming USFL Draft, but we have the scoop.

We’ve confirmed with league sources that the USFL will hold their draft February 21st at 1pm ET. Where it differenciates from last year is that it is now known as the 2023 USFL College Draft.

This is essentially the line between players that join via free agent signing vs being entered into the draft pool.

As we understand it, USFL coaches could target players that are on the edge of being drafted into the NFL. At the end of the day, the draft is all about players rights.

In our opinion, this shows that the USFL is thinking longterm. There’s a good chance some of the players that get drafted may not play in season 2, but it doesn’t eliminate season 3, 4, etc.

The 2023 USFL College Draft will consist of ten rounds, totaling 80 picks overall. In case you needed a reminder, the Michigan Panthers will receive the first pick in every round of the draft, followed by the Pittsburgh Maulers.

Full 2023 USFL College Draft Order

  1. Michigan Panthers
  2. Pittsburgh Maulers
  3. Houston Gamblers
  4. Memphis Showboats
  5. New Orleans Breakers
  6. New Jersey Generals
  7. Philadelphia Stars
  8. Birmingham Stallions

Although the Draft takes place Tuesday, UsFL execs will be hard at work in the leadup. Darryl Johnston will be attending the HBCU Heritage Bowl on Monday to further scout players, some of which may be selected the following day.

We’ve also heard that USFL officials will be on hand at the NFL Combine.

The pool consists of over 3,000 players, of which less than 3% will be selected.

Something else to note, players drafted are not part of the 58-man training camp roster.

The fine folks at The USFL Podcast were the first to drop the news, make sure to watch the full segment below:

If you were hoping to get live coverage of the 2023 USFL College Draft, we have you covered. The USFL Podcast will be live streaming the full event and going over all the picks as they come in.

Who would you like to see selected in the upcoming USFL Draft? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.