Erik Moses Named President of Nashville Superspeedway

Erik Moses Named President of Nashville Superspeedway

Former DC Defenders team president Erik Moses has just been named the president of the Nashville Superspeedway. With this announcement comes history, as he also becomes the first black man to hold that position at any NASCAR track.

The 1.33-mile track was built in 2001 by Dover Motorsports and hosted NASCAR and IndyCar events until 2011. Moses will be leading the charge for the tracks re-boot in 2021.

According to ESPN Dover announced the hire before Saturday’s Cup race at the Monster Mile.

“Our partnership with NASCAR is for them to put on the race and bring the circus to town,” Moses said. “Our job is to make certain that the big top is ready. Make certain that everybody in and around middle Tennessee and the rest of that area understands we’re going to have a Cup Series race and they can look forward to the type of experience that NASCAR fans expect and deserve.”

With the sale of the XFL being finalized yesterday and reports that many coaches and execs have tried to contact the league to see if they could go back into their prior role we can now take one name out of the pool. When the XFL does return, whether that be in 2021 or 2022, the DC Defenders will need to secure a new team president.

It’s still great to see the folks that built the XFL from the ground up in 2019 and 2020 get new opportunities to showcase their talents.