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Election to Unionize USFL Players is Set for June 6th in Birmingham, AL

Last month it was reported that the United Steelers union had filed a petition to represent all USFL players. This was in conjunction with the United Football Players Association, a group formed in 2020 after XFL shuttered its doors due to the pandemic.

The goal, like most unions, is to guarantee collective protections for its players.

Today we have some more news on how the unionizing is going. Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic reports that an election to unionize USFL players is set for June 6th in Birmingham, AL.

Furthermore, he answers a question many have had on their mind. Kaplan goes on to state that the league has said “it does not oppose the effort”.

Generally spring football leagues have tried to steer clear of unions, but the FOX-owned USFL seems to be embracing it. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this if the voting goes in favor of forming a union.

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