Eight USFL Officials Promoted to the NFL

Eight USFL Officials Promoted to the NFL

Back in March the United States Football League (USFL) announced that most of their officials were currently in the National Football League’s (NFL) Officiating Development Program that provides opportunities for college-level officials who are ready to advance to professional football.

We just wrapped up the third week of action in the USFL’s inaugural season, and we’re already seeing some of the benefits of working for the league come through.

Earlier today the NFL announced the newest set of game officials that will be officiating in the upcoming season. Among the list is a good amount of USFL officials that have been monitoring the action in the early season.

Below is a list of the full list of officials coming into the NFL after their time in the USFL.

  • Tra Boger, Field Judge
  • Max Causey, Down Judge
  • Brandon Cruse, Umpire
  • Robin Delorenzo, Down Judge
  • Duane Heydt, Umpire
  • Alex Moore, Umpire
  • Mike Morton, Umpire
  • Lo Van Pham, Side Judge

A lot is said of the opportunities spring football leagues create, but most of the time the emphasis is put on the players. To a lesser extent the coaches. But, this shows that the USFL is creating more opportunities outside of what people typically think.

The USFL features 35 officials in total, and already 8 have them have been picked to move up in the ranks to the NFL.

We expect to see this number climb as the season progresses, and we can’t wait to report on the players and coaches that take the next step at the conclusion on the season.