Some XFL Team Names Potentially Leak Prior To Announcement

Early Reports on XFL Roster Size and Salary

This past weekend the United States Football League (USFL) hit the field for the first time, kicking off their inaugural season. This time next year, the XFL hopes to be wrapping up their return season.

Although the two leagues aren’t playing head to head, it’s easy to see why they would consider themselves competition. The main factor, players. Both the XFL and USFL will be competition for the top available talent. We’ve heard co-owner Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson state they are looking for the hungriest and best players.

Well, it looks like the new XFL ownership group may be prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert reports that XFL execs met over the weekend to discuss how they can get a leg up on the new USFL.

Throughout the discussions it’s been revealed that the league is hoping to have 70-man rosters, which would equate to a 45-man active roster on gameday.

Each of the XFL’s eight teams is expected to have 70-man rosters, with 45 active for games, translating to 560 jobs for players — about 200 more than the current roster limits of the USFL. USFL players signed two-year contracts, complicating any effort to switch leagues in 2023.

Additionally, it sounds like the league is looking to pay more than the USFL’s $4,500/week and is looking to include housing and meal costs throughout the season.

The new ownership group seems open to going big on the XFL for the opening season, but will they be over extending themselves for their first season?

Beyond Dany Garcia and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the XFL also has RedBird Capital in their corner to flex their financials.

The league is also reportedly meeting with coaches and execs in Dallas today to go over these items, as well as the new rule set for 2023. If you’re excited about the return of the XFL, strap in because it sounds like a lot of news is about to be coming our way.

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