XFL and DraftKings? It could happen

DraftKings Confirms XFL Fantasy Starting 2/8

As we get closer to kickoff, fans have been asking more and more about fantasy football. Commissioner Luck recently confirmed during a Q&A with the Dallas Renegades that the XFL will indeed have fantasy football options. He had stated that more details will be released as the season draws near.

Many had speculated that at minimum the league would work with Draft Kings as Vince McMahon owns a small share of the company. Now, Draft Kings has officially confirmed that they will have XFL contests this season, and they start on February 8th… The same day the XFL kicks off.

It’s great to see this news, Draft Kings is a legitimate contender in the world of fantasy sports. We also expect many fantasy football partners with the league, but this is just the first to be announced in an official capacity. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the XFL and their future fantasy partners.