Detroit Lions Signing Michigan Panthers WR Trey Quinn

Detroit Lions Signing Michigan Panthers WR Trey Quinn

The Michigan Panthers to NFL stories continue to pile up. WR Trey Quinn has officially signed with the Detroit Lions, making him the fourth Panther to head to the NFL.

For Quinn, the NFL is nothing new. Trey has had plenty of experience. It started with a two year stint with the Washington Commanders, from 2018-2019 where he posted 273 yards and two touchdowns across those seasons.

He then moved around to Jacksonville and Denver, but an injury halted what could have been a promising NFL career.

Then, the USFL came along. Trey Quinn was one of the most consistent forces for the Michigan Panthers offense, finishing the year with 438 receiving yards and four touchdowns. One of his major highlights came in week ten, making a ridiculous one handed catch against Philadelphia.

Quinn posted one of his best stat-lines of the year in the playoffs. Facing off against a stout Pittsburgh defense, Trey registered 104 yards, alongside a late touchdown that put Michigan in front.

Despite the quarterback carousel that we saw for Mike Nolan and the Panthers, Trey Quinn was about as stable as they come. He was one of the most underrated receivers all year long.

Final Thoughts

Now, Trey Quinn will have the opportunity to get back to the NFL, joining the Detroit Lions. He is the fourth Michigan Panthers player to do so, with the others including:

WR Kaden Davis (Arizona)
DE Levi Bell (Seattle)
DB Josh Butler (Dallas)

Had it not been for the platform – and the national exposure – that the USFL provided him with, who knows if this opportunity would have come along.

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  1. Hi James, In agreement, Trey Quinn had quite a season and I agree the USFL provides quite a platform to show your skills, but it also gives players a chance to perfect their craft. I remember Trey in the NFL and I remember him catching balls in the slot or just between the backers all day, but in the USFL he found himself making big catches both short and down the field. Hoping this gives him an opportunity to show those additional skills which will give DBs more to think about off the first cut. Wishing tons of good things for Trey.

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