Details On XFL Teams & Upcoming USFL-XFL Merger Dispersal Draft

Details On XFL Teams & Upcoming USFL-XFL Merger Drafts

We finally are getting more clarity on what the USFLXFL merger is going to look like. The XFL has informed their players of the four teams who will be in the new league, and gave them some important details about the upcoming season.

Earlier this week, the USFLPA informed players that the four USFL teams to be in the new league were:

Birmingham Stallions
Memphis Showboats
Michigan Panthers
Houston Gamblers

Now, Houston is still unconfirmed when it comes to the overall branding. It is set to be the Gamblers staff and players, but it could still fall under the Roughnecks brand.

As for the XFL, this all but confirms what we’ve been hearing for the last month. The four XFL teams in the merged league include:

Arlington Renegades
DC Defenders
San Antonio Brahmas
St. Louis Battlehawks

This means that the remaining four XFL teams will be dissolved:

Houston Roughnecks
Orlando Guardians
Seattle Sea Dragons
Vegas Vipers

The new league, rumored to be named the UFL (United Football League), will only feature eight total teams. This is a major cutdown from the 16 teams we had between both the USFL and XFL.

What Happens To Players?

We have some insight regarding dispersal drafts, and how they will work. First and foremost, the two Divisions in the new league will be split between the USFL and XFL teams.

On December 27th, the first mini-drafts will take place. These will be conducted by the USFL and XFL separately, as the purpose of these first drafts is to keep top tier talent inside each division/league.

This first mini-draft has a few things to note:

  • Each league will hold a draft, with its own pool of players from the teams that did not make the final cut
  • Remaining teams from each league will be able to draft 10 picks from their respective player pools
  • UPDATE: On the USFL’s side, teams will have the option to pick up to 20 players in their mini-draft
  • Once this is concluded, the rest of the free agents will then be placed in a combined pool for the January 15th draft, and USFL/XFL teams will be able to select whoever they want from either side

As previously reported, the super dispersal draft will take place on January 15th. This will include all of the unprotected players from both leagues, and USFL-XFL teams will be able to pick whoever they want during that process.

Right now, the remaining 8 organizations are protecting up to 42 players on their current roster. Once the mini-drafts are complete, one would expect each roster to have around 40-50 players.

Training camp roster sizes are currently set for 75 players. This would result in a 20-30 round super-dispersal draft, depending on where teams stand at that point.

Other News

Here are some other pieces of information regarding the USFL-XFL Merger:

  • Training Camp is currently slated to begin on February 23rd, 2024
  • Players will have a $400/week stipend for housing
  • As it currently stands, pay will be identical to that of the USFL, with active players making $5,350 a week – and inactive players making $2,500 per week – this is subject to change depending on how final negotiations play out
  • As previously reported, the Arlington hub will be utilized similar to the way it was in the XFL during their 2023 season

Right now, we are not expecting an official merger announcement until the New Year. We will continue to keep the public as informed as possible as news continues to break.

What are your thoughts on these latest USFL-XFL merger developments? Is an 8-team league the right way to go? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. I think it should have 16 teams so you can have four devision with four teams in each and a ten game schedule so the play offs would look better kinda like the NFL with a North and South division. I really love the XFL and the USFL I’m glad they are merging

  2. That is the stupidest s*** I heard no west Coast teams you should have more then 8 teams Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Seattle sorry your league will fold no revenue from the west No one from the west coast will be looking at your foot ball games who put together this sorry ass league need to fire that idiot or idiots

  3. Where I believe myself and most of the fans appreciate the Leagues mergering, we would love it more if there were 10-12 teams to see.

  4. I think they all should be there. Have four divisions of four, two conferences, first and 2nd in division make playoff, conference finals, and then championship.

  5. They will have dissolved the team I root for Seattle. So there is no reason for me to watch anymore. To bad we went to the games in Seattle it was fun.

  6. IMO they should have kept all 16 teams or at least 14. It would have been better. I could understand them dropping a Houston team and the vegas team but the rest should have stayed.

  7. I think it was a really bad idea to have no west coast team. As a Sea Dragon fan, I am fairly confident the fan base will dissolve as well. In other words, do not try to expand back into Seattle at a later date. I doubt it will be supported again. Poor poor decision to have so many Texas teams. Good luck with this disaster and I want my season ticket refund.

  8. After the 83-85 USFL success. We get this? Really? 8 Teams and rename to UFL. Which lasted how long in it’s original form? Yes, I did watch nearly All the UFL games until it folded. Great Branding(?) decision and going from 16 teams in 2 Leagues to 8 teams in 1. Why didn’t One League just fold? That’s basically what has happened.
    How disappointing this merger is! 10 Teams minimum or at least 12 to keep Me/Us Fans interested. Thought this was supposed to be a Pro Football League.Instead We are getting what looks to be just a Player development League for players who are not College Eligible or just need more reps to go to/back to the NFL. Why should I watch?
    It’s bad enough they aren’t even competing with NFL for players like the OG USFL did. This Team reduction is just BAD Marketing 100%! I mean 8 teams? Why even bother with Playoffs? Just let the 2 Teams with winning records play for the Championship. What’s the point of Playoffs with 4 Teams in and 4 Teams out? Really disappointed Fan!!!!!!!! I don’t believe I’m the only One!
    Bring back the Oakland Invaders!!!!!! The USFL w/o Generals/Stars/Maulers/Breakers? Why?

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