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Details On The UFL Dispersal Drafts For USFL & XFL Teams

This weekend, the USFL and XFL officially merged to create the UFL. In that process, the leagues cut eight teams. Now, the remaining UFL franchises will be able to fill out their rosters with athletes who were left without a team.

Today, the USFLPA confirmed the news regarding January 5th and January 15th dates as being very important to the dispersal draft process.

We were also able to get confirmation from a league source that the XFL will be holding their first mini-dispersal draft on Friday.

Let’s take a look at what we know so far, and what to expect from these UFL drafts.

Phase 1-2

The first two phases of the allocation process give each USFL and XFL team the ability to protect up to 42 of their players currently under contract. For example, the Birmingham Stallions will have the opportunity to lock in 42 of their athletes for the 2024 season.

Considering that this first draft was originally slated for December 29th, there are a handful of teams who have already their protected rosters set. However, each organization will now have until the 5th – deadline set for 10am – to do so.

On January 5th, phase two will commence. This will implement a draft-style process that takes place at 1pm, allowing USFL and XFL teams to claim up to 20 more players who are in the pool.

What makes this first draft unique, is that USFL teams can only pick athletes from dissolved teams on the USFL side. This ensures that the top tier talent from USFL teams will stick in their conference. The same goes for the XFL conference. This will make the UFL quite competitive, leaning into the USFL vs. XFL rivalry.

Once Phase 1-2 is complete, UFL organizations can have a maximum of 62 players secured at this point.

Note: They do not have to pick 62, there seems to be some flexibility if teams desire to have less.

Phase 3

On January 15th, a league-wide dispersal draft will be held to continue to fill out each UFL roster. This will include all eight teams, who will be able to select players from pools of the remaining USFL and XFL players. During this draft, an XFL team (i.e. St. Louis Battlehawks) could draft a USFL player (i.e. from the New Jersey Generals).

From what we’ve been hearing, this will not be the final draft. There will be opportunities for free agents to join the UFL post-January 15th, once these dispersal phases are complete.

As of right now, training camp rosters are slated to feature 75 players.

We are entering an exciting era of spring football. The USFL and XFL are now one, and there will be a lot of news to come as the league finalizes rosters and plans for 2024.

USFL Conference:

Birmingham Stallions
Houston Roughnecks
Memphis Showboats
Michigan Panthers

XFL Conference:

Arlington Renegades
DC Defenders
San Antonio Brahmas
St. Louis Battlehawks

The UFL will officially kick off on March 30th, with the Arlington Renegades hosting the Birmingham Stallions.

What are your thoughts on this UFL Dispersal Draft process? Which players do you expect to see get picked up? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. Keeping the league XFL vs USFL does allow better for a rival rivalry, but it does not make the league more competitive. Even with the higher salaries the XFL paid, I still feel the larger talent base was in the USFL as it had a head start in playing, plus had better coaches leaving the USFL division with the better talent to choose from. Just another way the UFL gets it wrong. The league should have had more than 8 teams, then it should have gone North and South if they truly are a United Football League. And the best players should have made the respective teams regardless of where they played. Remember we are being sold that they got rid of 8 teams to have the best possible league. We are also being sold that this dispersal draft style causes the most competitive format. It does not. The best players should be drafted regardless of league. It won’t be the most competitive because it’s possible not all the best players will be drafted. Remember the USFL got into bed with a league that traded a player that had been released by Renegades Ryan Mueller for the QB that won the championship (Luis Perez). Ryan Mueller was let go by Vegas directly after and later rejoined the Renegades. The UFL is a merger of these two leagues while the CEO, the owners of the league and the head of officiating allowed for this to take place are running the XFL. I am sorry, Fox. Your superhero cartoon players are farces now. You went from something real to something fake. PLEASE STOP from being a puppet master to football and actually allow football to work. Luis Perez is one of the best stories in football and you tainted his story to me and anyone else who can connect the dots for your own means to an end. If this was a movie, you would be the villains. Sad you had to drag Luis Perez through that.

  2. In my thoughts I think they should’ve keep the XFL and the USFL separate but instead they should’ve added more teams to each league and they should’ve kept the start time for both leagues the same the XFL start in February and the USFL start in last week in April but we’ll see if the combined leagues make better football or not

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