All Eight USFL Teams Officially Revealed on The Herd

Details Emerge on USFL Win Bonus Structure

Yesterday we reported on the leaked USFL contract and pay structure details, which seemingly look good for the league. From what we’re told, players will be paid $600 per week during training camp. During the regular season, Practice Squad players will receive $1,500 per week, with Active Roster members receiving $4,500.

Additionally, there is a win bonus structure in place. When we published our original piece, we didn’t have any numbers around what the bonuses would look like, but thanks to @NewsUSFL, we seem to have an answer.

According to leaked documents, the bonus structure would net both active roster and practice squad members $850 per win during the regular season and playoffs. Additionally, the championship winning team will receive an extra $10,000 per player. A player will not be eligible for a bonus if they’re inactive for that week.

As we wrote yesterday, these numbers are very comparable to what we saw in the XFL; if not a little higher. The average pay in the XFL was roughly $55,000, but tier 1 quarterbacks we’re paid between $150k and $500k; bringing the average way up.

Slowly, but surely, we’re starting get a clearer picture of what the leagues plans are for the upcoming season. As we get closer to the player selection meeting and the season, we expect to learn a lot more around the player salary structure, housing plans and more.

It’s been reported that players may be responsible for housing costs during the season, which would seemingly go against all the previous reporting coming out of Birmingham. We’ve reached out to league representatives, which have declined to comment on the matter at this time. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything that it out there is 100% accurate, but we’ll wait until we learn more to report on the situation.

Overall, the league seems to be setting up a good situation for prospects looking to play in the USFL this April.

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