DDP On The Rock Buying The XFL: "Doesn't Do Anything Half-Assed"

DDP On The Rock Buying The XFL: “Doesn’t Do Anything Half-Assed”

Last week The Rock was a part of a group that purchased the XFL for $15 million. Diamond Dallas Page gave his reaction to finding out about the blockbuster news when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“Woooooow. I have a ridiculous amount of respect for The Rock on so many different levels. More than anything, if you’ve ever watched The Rock’s stuff like I watched him do a motivational talk off the top of his head to the LA Lakers. He’s a juggernaut to me. When I see something, I envision it and manifest it. He has that same ability times whatever. He’s the biggest star in the world and he’s one of us,” said DDP. “To me, nothing surprises me. You think the XFL was dead? You watch Ballers? One of the big things was the fact that he’s trying to buy a franchise in the NFL and they’re trying to keep him out. So, f*** with buy in and there’s no question in my mind if he actually did that… Wooooooow!”

He added that The Rock is the face and the kind of guy who can make the league work.

“The Rock doesn’t do anything half-assed. If he came in there, they know the numbers. The way I look at that, when AEW came out that was really awesome for the boys and the girls because it gave you another place to go,”

This is just another example among many of people praising the news of the new XFL ownership group. This is really all you can ask for when making a major purchase like this. We expect to hear more positive comments all the way until the XFL returns to the gridiron.