DC Defenders QB, Cardale Jones appears on WWE RAW

DC Defenders QB, Cardale Jones appears on WWE RAW

The XFL Draft occurred just last week which is when we learned the identities of all eight tier 1 quarterbacks. Since Vince McMahon announced that the XFL would be returning fans have wondering how much cross over would happen between the WWE and the XFL.

Not to say that this is going to be a common occurrence, but DC Defenders T1 QB, Cardale Jones, appeared on WWE Raw tonight.

It has been reported that the WWE has been airing XFL ads during RAW and Smackdown while in franchise cities. This is the first time we’re seeing any XFL mentions on WWE TV. All in all, I’m okay with this, there was also members of the Cleveland Browns in attendance as well. Not to mention Jones was quarterback for Ohio State and could be considered a local hero. We’ve seen this new iteration of the XFL do thingsĀ  a little more professional and I don’t see any reason to hold this move against the league.

The WWE has since posted a tweet of their own with a gif of the moment.

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