Dave Meltzer concerned with Vince McMahon's working habits

Dave Meltzer concerned with Vince McMahon’s working habits

Veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer discussed the topic of Vince McMahon’s health on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Apparently, Vince McMahon gets the minimal rest in a day due to the workload in the WWE. With this growing age, the working schedule can catch up to him, really quick. This worries Meltzer who is fond of the WWE CEO.

Here is what he had to say,

It worries me because he’s been such a fixture but it’s like for better or worse it’s a big change when he’s not gonna be there. I’m not saying death or anything, but it’s a sign that the day is coming that he’s not gonna be there whether he gets old. Look, every time I see him on TV, I get worried. So yeah, there’s something to that.”

Meltzer continued stating that XFL has not started yet which would double the duties for Vinnie Mac. It would kick-start bringing a new direction to American Football League from 2020 onwards. Although XFL has its own team and a manager itself, Vince McMahon is also heavily involved with the creative inputs.

I mean [the XFL] is Oliver Luck’s thing, but the reality is that Vince is gonna wanna have input and by virtue of wanting to have input you’re going to work hour and hours on it and he doesn’t have those hours.

He probably doesn’t have enough hours to run WWE anymore to be fair. To throw in the XFL as well it’s going to be a very tough period for him.”

It would really be a scary situation for Vince McMahon from next year onwards. We could barely see him getting involved in WWE programming once XFL gets underway. He did clarify that this schedule won’t be creating any conflicts with the WWE. But one man simply can’t take run two brands at the same time. We’ll see how The Chairman handles thing in due course as XFL inauguration gets closer.