Daryl Johnston Officially Named President Of The USFL

Daryl Johnston Officially Named President Of The USFL

Daryl Johnston is a name many are familiar with, in both the NFL – and, the spring football scene. Johnston has played a major role in the development of this new USFL, serving as Vice President Of Football Operations since its launch.

However, it has been revealed that Johnston will now be the official President of the USFL moving forward.

This move is not a surprise at all. Brian Woods stepped down at the end of 2022, as he moved onto some entrepreneurial endeavors of his own.

Daryl Johnston & The USFL

With the President role now vacant, it only makes sense to see Daryl Johnston fill that lane. He’s been an integral piece to the USFL’s success, and clearly has the league on the right track with FOX Sports.

Due to Johnston’s experience in the world of spring football, he’s a perfect fit for a league like the USFL. Daryl was the General Manager for the AAF’s San Antonio Commanders, before the league folded. Then, he served as the DPP of the Dallas Renegades in the XFL during their 2020 season.

With all of the knowledge he has collected from being a part of two spring football ventures, Daryl brings tons of experience to the USFL. His direction and guidance helped the USFL get through season one, and now he will continue to push the league towards longevity through season two and beyond.

We’re seeing the fruits of his labor – and many others at FOX Sports – come to fruition with the announcement of three new hubs for the 2023 season. After only playing in Birmingham in 2022, the league has expanded to Memphis, Detroit, and Canton to comprise a total of four hubs.

Of course, the goal is to get into all eight markets. But, the USFL is taking their time in getting there, ensuring that they don’t bite off more than they can chew from a financial perspective. Daryl Johnston, and FOX Sports CEO Eric Shanks are the masterminds behind the USFL’s infrastructure, and it’s why they have seen so much success up to this point.

Final Thoughts

The USFL will officially kick off their 2023 season on April 15th. The Memphis Showboats will host the Philadelphia Stars at 4:30PM ET, on FOX.

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