Dany Garcia Tore Her Calf Muscle While Celebrating XFL Purchase

Dany Garcia Tore Her Calf Muscle While Celebrating XFL Purchase

Dany Garcia, one of the XFL’s new owners, had a bit of a bump in the road after purchasing the league… and it wasn’t financial. In a recent post to her story on Instagram, Dany told the tale of how she tore her calf muscle after hearing the news that she got the XFL.

In the video, she says: 

So one moment I’m running towards Dave and I’m jumping up and down yelling ‘I got it! I got it!’, the next moment I’m on the floor with a torn calf muscle. In fact I have been recovering these past eight weeks, and also reassessing, because you know, truthfully, setbacks are moments for reassessment…

She goes on to speak about what she’s been doing to come back stronger than before, saying she wants muscles that can “show and go”. Thankfully, Dany is now on the mend, and has been training to regain strength in her calf muscle. She is also reassessing what she can do to maintain her stress levels, and to make sure there is a balance between mental and physical fatigue. This is important, considering she is now going to be running an entire football league. 

While it was an unfortunate event, we can all be glad that Dany is healing well, and is ready to attack her XFL goals harder than ever! We cannot wait to see what she brings to the XFL as the first woman to own a professional sports league.